Health & Safety Auditing

As an employer with 5 or more employees you must ensure that you have the following elements in place to satisfy Health and Safety law

  • A written Health and Safety policy with defined elements
  • ‘Hazards and risks’ suitably communicated to all staff by means of ‘Risk Assessments’  These risk assessments must be meaningful with relevant information about the ‘activity’ with appropriate control measures and other legal information
  • That you have safe and accurate safe systems of work  for more complicated tasks
  • Training that is relevant to your undertaking and staff, conducted so that it allows staff to complete their work in a safe and organised manner
  • To ensure that your workplace/s are safe for staff and visitors, and that there are appropriate facilities for employees to perform tasks
  • To ensure that you have suitable welfare facilities
  • That machinery plant equipment vehicles are safe and sound, tested and maintained in accordance with legislation
  • That you have a person (employee or external consultant) that has an acceptable level of knowledge experience and understanding that can advise employers and employees on health and safety matters
  • That you have an accurate and formulated system where standards are monitored, performance measures are gauged and that any error or omission is quickly rectified. This is normally completed by a competent person undertaking a health and safety audit


  • By having all of the above in place an employer can benefit in the following ways
  • Knowledge that employees are safe and that accidents will be minimised
  • No criminal enforcement action will be taken by enforcing bodies. Wasted time, legal defence expense and fines will be averted
  • No civil actions will be encountered
  • Workforce morale should be enhanced and ‘lost man working’ days will be reduced
  • Reduced liability insurance premiums
  • Increased profitability due to employee capability and knowledge and sound machinery plant/equipment

How can Stonewall Partnership assist?

  • Providing legal compliance, allowing owners, directors, supervisors, managers or employees peace of mind
  • Affordable realistic pricing
  • Dedicated account management – personal contact, no faceless call centres or remote networks
  • No financial tie-ins or long term contracts. Year by year reviews and renewals
  • Organised planned and structured approach, prioritised and phased to assist you with seasonal surges or cash flows
  • Tailored specific documentation, – no empty generic manuals or meaningless impersonal templates
  • A step by step assisted guide through with a qualified Consultant helping you to understand the methodologies and requirements enabling you to explain the criteria to your own workforce